Failure Can Be Our Feedback

Look at failure in a different way. Let's not look at our failures as if it's something we did not accomplish. Just like the picture says failure is a lesson. We need to learn what we done wrong and what we can do to change it. Learn to grow from our mistakes not tear ourselves... Continue Reading →


Learn To Encourage

  Be an Encourager. Learn to encourage others daily no matter how small you may think it may be. It can mean so much to the person receiving. With as much negativity as we have in this world, we have to find a way to stay positive and encourage others to keep doing well. And... Continue Reading →

Always Find The Joy

  We need to always find a way to enjoy our day. There is so much going on in the world around us that is negative. We even have people we know, friends we love, co-workers, or the strangers on the street trying to feed us negativity. We need to find a way to teach... Continue Reading →

Holiday Rush

We need to slow down. Some wait until the last and some just have last minute gifts. Just to remember to slow down stop rushing. When we rush we sometimes let life pass us by. Enjoy every day don't let our task take over our lives. Find the joy in each day no matter how... Continue Reading →

Something New

Trying something new. Day 1 of Week 1 I want to comment on writing for the next 30 days. My gold is to post a new blog once a week. This will be a trying month for me. I have set gold and writing up a plan sticking with that. I will share some of... Continue Reading →

Let Go Of your past.

Learning to let go is hard. We as people learn from our past but some of us don't actually learn. I know of things I have done and I look at it now and wonder what was I thinking. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have repeated something you said you wouldn't do? Well,... Continue Reading →

Being Stronger

Today was one of those days where be strong, came to mind. We tell ourselves and others to be strong in times of weakness, sorrow, and amongst other things. Let's face it being strong is an understatement. We have to learn to be in control. My thoughts on today on being strong. Being strong is... Continue Reading →

No Days Off

There is no day off in our life so make everyday count make every day joyful, make every day a success. The bad days are good days, great days just don't give up keep pushing there's no day off when it comes to our life.  #NoDaysOff

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